SW Bend, A Wonderful Place to Live!

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Closing out our four-part series on the different areas of Bend is our feature on SW Bend and all it has to offer! As we have discussed in our previous profiles of Bend’s neighborhoods, Central Oregon is one of the most in-demand destinations on the west coast with thousands of new residents moving here each year. Much like the previous parts of this series, we have created a detailed overview of SW Bend and all its highlights to make it easier for you to navigate as a prospective buyer. Go ahead and explore the information below!


The Neighborhoods


In a similar fashion as the other regions of town, SW Bend is divided into three distinct areas. The largest of the three areas encompasses the region west of the Deschutes River and is appropriately dubbed Century West. Communities in this neighborhood include Broken Top, Tetherow, Braeburn, and Sunrise Village, so the properties tend to be larger and more spread out. Directly east of this neighborhood and located near downtown Bend is Southern Crossing, which has been the site of new commercial developments in recent years, as well as the timeless Old Mill Shopping District. Lastly, south of both areas is the third neighborhood in SW Bend—Southwest Bend. Encompassing the entire span of Brookswood Blvd, Southwest Bend includes a diverse combination of older and newer housing developments.


The Schools


The Bend-La Pine School District is made up of dozens of primary and secondary schools with boundaries that typically conflict with the borders of neighborhoods and communities throughout Bend. We’ve broken down the boundaries of the school district in SW Bend below and also included some key information about each of SW Bend’s schools!

Elementary Schools

Since one elementary school encompasses much of the westside of Bend, there are only three total elementary schools with boundaries within SW Bend. These schools include W.E. Miller, Pine Ridge, and Elk Meadow. According to Niche, an online school ranking service, W.E. Miller is ranked as the 3rd best public elementary school in Deschutes County, Pine Ridge is ranked at 6th, and Elk Meadow at 14th. The Overall Niche Grade — which Niche calculates by compiling millions of report cards, data points, and user opinions — for each of the schools is high, with W.E. Miller received an A- and the other two schools a B+.


Middle Schools

There are only two middle schools whose boundaries are included in SW Bend — Cascade and High Desert. Cascade is ranked as the 6th best middle school in Deschutes County, and High Desert is unranked.


High Schools

The boundaries of all three high schools extend into the area of SW Bend. As we have described in previous features, the high schools include Bend Senior High, Caldera High (which is unnamed and identified as “New High School” on the map), and Summit High. Bend Senior High is ranked as the 94th best public high school in Oregon and Summit High is ranked as the 21st best. Caldera High remains unlisted on the rankings since it has yet to open.


Notable Areas


The area of SW Bend is incredibly diverse with its residential offerings, so you really can find anything you could possibly want in one of its neighborhoods. SW Bend also houses iconic Bend tent poles like the Old Mill Shopping District, the start of the Cascade Lakes Highway, Phil’s Trail, Tetherow Resort, the Athletic Club of Bend, OSU Cascades, and tiny shopping hubs near landmarks like C.E. Lovejoy’s and Market of Choice. Although there aren’t many offerings in regard to shopping, the major perk of SW Bend is its close proximity to the outdoors and countless opportunities in the Cascade Mountain range.


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