NW Bend, A Friendly Place to Live!

Following in similar footsteps as our last two highlights of Bend, this week we are featuring NW Bend and everything the area has to offer! Bend continues to grow at a rapid pace, drawing in thousands of new residents and visitors every year, and while Bend is still a smaller city, each of its four regions offers distinct atmospheres with unique offerings. Use the guide below for a basic overview of NW Bend and to learn everything about what makes the area special!

The Neighborhoods

Unlike NE and SE Bend, the NW area of town is composed of five neighborhoods, each with a unique size and terrain. Nestled between Highway 97 and the Deschutes River is Old Bend, the smallest neighborhood in town by area. Here is where you will find the oldest homes in Central Oregon, as well as unparalleled access to places like Drake Park, Mirror Pond, and the plethora of shops and restaurants located in downtown Bend. Surrounding Old Bend to the north and west is River West, which is located at the base of Awbrey Butte. Directly north of River West is the neighborhood Awbrey Butte, which sits atop a butte of the same name. Some of the largest properties in Bend are located here, with houses built every decade since the 1970s. West of Awbrey Butte and River West is Summit West, one of the newer neighborhoods to be developed in Bend. The properties here are more expensive, but they boast some of the best views and access to the outdoors in Central Oregon. Included in Summit West is the popular Northwest Crossing Neighborhood, where the homes are in close proximity to an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. Northwest Crossing is a popular neighborhood with families and young adults. Lastly, but surely not least, is Boyd Acres. That name may sound familiar if you read the guide for NE Bend, and that is because the neighborhood spans across Highway 97 and makes up a part of both NE Bend and NW Bend.

The Schools

As we explained in the previous two profiles, the Bend-La Pine School District contains dozens of primary and secondary schools with boundaries that often conflict with the boundaries of some neighborhoods. Since it can get a little confusing, we have broken down the boundaries of the school district in NW Bend below and included some basic information about each school below!

Elementary Schools

There are three public elementary schools whose boundaries are included in NW Bend, including High Lakes, W.E. Miller, and North Star, which is labeled as “New Elementary” on the map. In addition, NW Bend houses three magnet schools — Amity Creek Magnet @ Thompson School, Highland Magnet @ Kenwood, and Westside Village Magnet @ Kingston. According to Niche, an online school ranking service, Highland Magnet is ranked as the best public elementary school in Deschutes County, High Lakes is ranked at 2nd, W.E. Miller is ranked at 3rd, Amity Creek at 17th, Westside Village at 20th, and North Star is, as of now, unranked since it is new. The Overall Niche Grade — which Niche calculates by compiling millions of report cards, data points, and user opinions — of each of the schools is high, with Highland, High Lakes, and W.E. Miller all receiving an A- and Westside Village and Amity Creek each receiving a B.

Middle Schools

The middle schools are significantly larger than the elementary schools, so the majority of students in NW Bend attend Pacific Crest Middle School and the rest are split between Cascade Middle School to the south and Sky View Middle School to the north. At 4th place, Pacific Crest is the highest-ranked of the three schools, according to Niche, with Cascade ranked 6th and Sky View unranked. Pacific Crest and Cascade both have an Overall Niche Grade of B+ while Sky View has a grade of C+.

High Schools

Almost the entirety of NW Bend is encompassed by the boundary for Summit High School, the only public high school located on the westside of Bend. A small sliver of Bend located north of Mt. Washington Drive and between the Deschutes River and Highway 97 is a part of the NW region but is included in the boundary area for Mountain View High School, which is located right off 27th Street. According to Niche, Summit is ranked as the 21st best public high school in Oregon and best in Deschutes County, with an Overall Niche Grade of A-. Mountain View is unranked but boasts a grade of B-.

Notable Areas

If one of the reasons you live in or plan to live in Central Oregon is the unmatched access to the outdoors, then NW Bend is the area for you. As the part of Bend that is closest to the Cascade Lakes Highway, Mt. Bachelor, Tumalo Falls, and Sisters, every place you could possibly want to explore is easily within reach. Within NW Bend, you will also find the historic stretch of downtown Bend, an elite food scene, countless boutique shops, an overwhelming selection of breweries, and the best views in all of Central Oregon.

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