Should I List My House During the Winter Months?

Most homeowners have probably heard the timeless rule of thumb when it comes to selling your home: springtime is the best time. Once the snow thaws each year, swarms of buyers descend upon Central Oregon looking for a new home, whether it be a summer retreat or a year-round dwelling. There are plenty of benefits that come with selling your home in the spring, from the ease of schlepping your boxes in warmer weather to reducing any disruption of your children’s school year. While these incentives are alluring, however, you may be discounting an equally lucrative time to sell your home. Wintertime surprisingly offers numerous rewards to homeowners that choose to sell before the chaos of springtime. Read below for the top reasons why you should sell your home this winter and not wait for spring.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Since springtime is the most popular time of the year to buy a home, you can almost always expect the housing market to be inundated with sellers. With everyone working under the same assumption that homes need to be bought or sold in the spring, fewer sellers list their homes in the fall and winter and most housing markets see a low inventory as a result. Low inventory, while often a disadvantage for buyers, could not be more of a boon for sellers, though. The persisting demand for fewer properties drives home prices up and cultivates a competitive market that rewards both buyers and sellers.

Meet Relocation Demand

When coronavirus arrived stateside in January, few would be able to predict the massive upheaval the country would face in the ensuing months. One specific shift the country has seen is the massive migration of city-dwellers to less-dense, rural towns across the United States. As Americans in urban spaces have faced the unrelenting challenges posed by the pandemic, many have made the choice to relocate to small resort towns like Bend or Sunriver. With such a large demand as a result of the pandemic, and the likely increase in demand this winter as the U.S. enters the third wave of COVID-19, selling your home during the winter months looks like a much more lucrative strategy.

Avoid Window Shoppers

Window shoppers are the bane of existence for many realtors, primarily because they can be hard to spot. Although open houses lure hordes of home buyers, they also draw people just looking to browse. In the spring and summer months, non-serious buyers are abundant as they curiously explore the plethora of homes on the market. Although it can be great for home sellers to network with these potential buyers, they can also siphon away attention from individuals that are looking to immediately buy a home. During the winter, though, window shoppers are few and far between. Cold weather deters curious shoppers from browsing open houses, leaving only real buyers during wintertime.

At first glance, it may seem counterintuitive to sell your Central Oregon home in the middle of winter. Snow and ice blanket the high desert for months, tourism rates plummet from their summer highs and everyone migrates indoors until the thaw of spring. However, as explained in the points above, winter may be one of the best times of the year to sell your home. From reducing the presence of non-serious buyers to entering a market with less competition, wintertime offers a number of rewards to home sellers that opt against listing their home in spring. When you next find yourself selling your home, refer back to this post and consider selling in winter instead!

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